Lagniappe Five, Ongoing

In New Orleans, the word "Lagniappe" (pronounced LAN-IAPE) mean "a little something extra." I will be adding a little bit of Lagniappe to the website every few months. The photographs will likely be from a small project I am currently working on, or perhaps something from the past that I wanted to share for the first time.

Lagniappe Five is on-going and is being devoted entirely to coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Because of the enormity of the story I have chosen to divide the work into separate galleries: Parts One and Six show the devastation along the Mississippi Gulf Coast from Biloxi to Waveland. In many ways the Gulf Coast was hit harder than New Orleans. Entire communities along this picturesque landscape have been leveled. However, because of the tragedies that unfolded in New Orleans since the storm, it has continued to receive the lion's share of the news coverage. Parts Two, Four, and Five, look at the various characters and personalities I encountered in the days following the storm. Parts Three and Seven look simply at the toxic muck left behind by the flood waters. The eighth gallery is devoted to scenes from the Lower Ninth Ward. The ninth gallery looks at Katrina and Carnival, and how New Orleanians used Mardi Gras not only to heal, but to poke fun the hurricane, and the condition of the city. "Katrina at One," looks at New Orleans one year after landfall and the commemoration of the first anniversary. "Mr. G. and the Rev.," follows two residents of the Lower Ninth Ward in their quest to return and re-built their homes and their lives. "Katrina at Two," examines the state of the city as it marked the second anniversary of Katrina's landfall. The final gallery, "On Eagles Wings" is a series of portraits of the congregation at Eagles Wings Ministies Church of God in Christ. You can read my latest Katrina update, as well as read previous updates at the Picture of the Week. Enjoy, and, as always, remember to think peace....

The Mississippi Gulf Coast

Evacuees, Refugees, Holdouts, Dogs, and Humvees

The Muck

Barges, Breaches, Waterlines, Returnees, and more Muck

Politicians, Toxic Artists, Dessert, Tattoos, and Coco Robicheaux

The Mississippi Gulf Coast: Part II

The Muck: Part II

The Lower Ninth Ward

Katrina and Carnival

Katrina at One

Mr. G. and the Rev.

Katrina at Two

On Eagles Wings

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