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Print of the Week: "Congressman Bob Eckhardt in my 1967 VW Bus."

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The Print of the Week will come from my archive. Prices and subjects will vary depending on subject, size, quality and uniqueness. Only one print will be sold every cycle. Not a limited edition, but sometimes one of a kind. 

Forty years ago this fall, I moved to Houston for three months to work on the re-election campaign of my then step-father, Bob Eckhardt. Bob was an old school Texas liberal seeking his eighth term in Congress. He was know for his rumbled linen suits and bow ties. At the time I was driving a 1967 VW Bus named Irving. I would shuttle Bob from place to place and one day I stopped at a convenience store to pick up a drink and when I came out I saw this scene and photographed it. The political winds were shifting to the right, and Ronald Reagan won the presidency in a landslide over the incumbent Jimmy Carter. Bob was narrowly defeated by a young, conservative newcomer. You can check out more images from Bob's 1980 campaign on my Instagram feed.

This week's Print of the Week offering is an 11 x 14 silver gelatin print for $225, unframed, plus shipping.

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